Garage Door Cable Replacement

garage door cable replacement

Are you a homeowner who is having issues with your garage door? Whether the garage door lifts unevenly or makes a lot of noise, it may be a result of snapped garage door cables. When that happens, you need professional help with garage door cable replacement.

A-Team Garage Door Repair understands the importance of maintaining your garage door cables. We figure out what is causing the problem and come up with the best solutions. Our company prioritizes great customer service for cable replacement.

garage door cables

Garage Door Cable Issues

One of the biggest reasons for broken garage door cables is too much tension. Garage doors have lift cables on each side of the door. They are what slides the door up and down when it opens. Should a lift cable on one side start to wear down and break, the other starts to endure the pressure. Eventually, the additional lift cable breaks due to the strain of lifting the garage door by itself.
If your garage door does not work properly, avoid using it until you have it repaired. You want to avoid potential dangers from using a broken garage door.

Types of Garage Door Cables

There are two types of garage door cables on most garage doors: the cables that transfer the energy of the springs to the process of lifting the door and the safety cables that prevent you from getting hurt in the event of an accident with the garage door springs.

Types of Lifting Cables

There are three main types of garage door cables and they all perform the same function but they operate in different ways.

  • Torsion spring cables – These cables are attached to bottom corners of the garage door causes the torsion springs to wind up. When opening the garage door, the torsion springs unwind, the energy helps to lift up the garage door. If the cable is snapped, the springs can’t get unwind and the garage door cannot be opened. Do not try to repair this by yourself, since it may be dangerous and even costly.
  • Extension spring cables – The extension springs are attached to retaining cables and to the bottom corners of a garage door. The retaining cables prevent the springs from breaking off easily. When the garage door is shut down, the springs are stretched. A broken/snapped extension spring cable prevents the springs from lifting up back into the place and a door from opening.
  • Safety cables– The safety cables keep a broken garage door spring from falling down and prevent any possible damages or injuries. They are attached to the garage door track near the pulleys. When a spring breaks, the cables can hold the springs in the air and prevent the damages. Our experts are able to install safety cables to all extension springs.
garage door cable types
Garage Door Safety Cable

Why Choose A-Team Garage Door Repair?

Trust us

A-Team Garage Door Repair are industry leaders in cable repair for your garage doors. A broken garage door leaves your home exposed. One of the most common causes of broken garage doors is a broken cable. Whether it is a lift or retaining cable, we identify the right parts to replace. Our professional team follows safety guidelines to prevent damage to the garage door. Cable repairs for garage doors require extensive knowledge of how it works. With years of experience and the right tools for the job, our team knows what to do.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Our company believes in providing a service you can depend on. With a friendly team of technicians, you can rest assured that the cable to your garage door can be fixed in no time. From repairs to replacement, you can expect A-Team Garage Door Repair to follow high standards.

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