Garage Door Installation

Garage door is a long term investment. If you want to keep your garage door operating smoothly and looking as appealing as can be, annual maintenance and occasional repairs are necessary.

A-Team Garage Door Repair has many years of experience in installation of garage doors in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.
If you’re not sure whether your garage door requires a repair or replacement, give us a call 7 days a week for an inspection!

We install Sectional Garage Doors made of steel. We work with the best garage door brands: Amarr and Clopay. We also supply a range of garage door openers for new & existing garage doors.

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Garage Door Styles

Today, you can choose from different types of garage doors characterized by their opening mechanisms. You can also decide between various materials to customize your home’s appeal.

Traditional Style Doors – Your garage door covers a vast part of the exterior of your home. Thus, it should suit the whole surface. To keep design aesthetics, you should create a beautiful effect to complement the front entrance. You may want to consider some aspects, namely the color of the surface or even the windows. The traditional style is often unfailing, classic, with a simplicity that remains appreciated for years.

Carriage Style Doors -Carriage garage doors are ideal for a variety of house types. They usually reflect the appearance of doors located in old carriage houses, but they can look great even in many modern homes. Also, we have beautiful hardware composed of wrought iron to add the touch of carriage house doors. We offer ornamental accessories, namely door knockers, that give a cottage feel.

Steel Garage Door Installation

We specialize in steel garage doors. This is the most common garage door and it’s a great choice. A steel garage door is not just beautiful but also low maintenance. It is made with heavy-duty steel. Steel garage doors come in a single layer, double layer and triple layer.

All steel garage doors are very durable but there are a few differences between them:

Single layer steel garage door – This features a durable, solid exterior but is also quite thin. This type of garage door can get dented when hit. It is also not ideal for garage wide door openings.

Double layer steel garage door – Is even more durable. It features one layer of steel backed with quality polystyrene thermal insulation.

Triple layer steel garage door – Consists of a steel front and back and thermal insulation in the middle. It is also soundproof, making it an ideal choice for those who despise the noise. Triple layer is clearly the most durable and strongest garage door amongst these three garage door steel types.


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Advantages Of Steel Doors

Stylish and Customizable – Steel Doors are built for three style classes: conventional, modern, and carriage house. Within each category, you can choose panel patterns, window designs, and color options.

Strong and Durable – Steel Garage Doors are sturdy and long-lasting, providing you with protection against bending, twisting, and breaking. They are strong, durable, and well-built.

Affordable and Cost-Effective – Steel garage doors are not only trendy and stylish, but they are also affordable and budget-friendly. Certain aspects can change door pricing, such as size, shape, design, quality, etc.

Insulated and Energy-Efficient – In addition to improving energy efficiency and reducing utility bills, an insulated steel garage door protects your possessions in your garage from cooler and hotter temperatures. The R-value is used to calculate the insulation level, and the higher the ‘R-Value’, the better. Garage door insulation can minimize energy usage

Why Choose A-Team Garage Door Repair?

Trust us

A-Team Garage Door Repair is a local garage door company. Our team of experts handles garage door installations every day and all of our technicians have years of experience with garage doors.

We achieve the highest quality through great combinations of craftsmanship and manual fitting skills, developed through years of experience. A-Team Garage Door Repair works hard in order to exceed our customer’s highest expectations, putting us at the forefront of the garage door industry in our area. You can rest assured with A-Team Garage Door Repair as every garage door we provide comes with a warranty!

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