Garage Door Roller Replacement

garage door roller replacement

The rollers in your garage door system are small functional wheels with ball bearings. They are the component that has the most use in the garage door system. They are attached to a shaft which then slides into a sleeve bracket on the door itself, enabling the garage door to go up and down smoothly and efficiently.

As time goes by, garage door rollers will get louder if you don’t lubricate them or don’t perform general garage door maintenance. Give us a call 7 days a week for an inspection by one of our garage door experts!

Garage Door Roller Issues

There are ways to figure out if there are issues with your garage door rollers. If your tracks are loose or dented, it can cause the rollers to go off-track and get stuck. This results in your garage door not opening or closing properly. You can also see and hear potential issues with the rollers, you can listen to the noises your garage door makes. If these include grinding sounds, or if you see your garage door making a shaking movement, then it may be time to replace your rollers.

Another thing to consider is lubrication and cleaning. If the rollers on your garage door are dirty, they need to be cleaned. When grease builds up over time, the rollers start to slide; likewise, regular cleaning is required, in this case. Lubrication also prevents squeaking noises from the rollers.

If you don’t take care of these issues the rollers become damaged, and your garage door turns into a safety hazard. You need a professional, experienced technician to deal with this problem. Don’t do this by yourself, it can be difficult, costly, and dangerous. A-Team Garage Door Repair provides all types of repair services just for you.

steel garage door roller
Steel Roller
nylon garage door roller
Nylon Roller

Types of Garage Door Rollers

When it comes to replacement of garage door rollers, nylon is a good option. Typically better than steel, nylon garage door rollers are strong and durable. Replacing garage door rollers with nylon gives you a quieter experience, so when you need to replace garage door rollers, consider these. Nonetheless, there are other types of rollers to choose from.

  • Plastic garage door rollers – One of the more basic options to choose from is plastic garage door rollers. These standard issue rollers are commonly found in many residential homes. Due to the affordable price range of plastic material, these rollers are inexpensive. Plastic rollers are easy to build, given the accessible material, which means you get a cost-effective solution as a result. However, since plastic is cheaper, you also get fewer positive attributes. These rollers lack the strength and durability of steel and nylon materials. Plastic is more prone to damage, such as scratches. Overall, it does not last as long.
  • Steel garage door rollers – These rollers are made up of a steel wheel attached to a steel shaft, allowing free movement of the wheel section. It is robust and sturdy, and they unlikely break under normal circumstances. This type of wheel is usually cheaper than the nylon type of roller.

    Also, steel garage door rollers tend to produce more noise  than nylon garage door rollers, as they move up and down the metal track of the garage door system. In addition to that, steel rollers also need to be lubricated from time to time to keep them operating smoothly.

  • Nylon garage door rollers – These type of rollers requires little to no lubrication on its moving parts which makes this roller type very efficient and trouble free. They are also stable and absorb vibrations, making them much more quiet and more energy-efficient than steel garage door rollers.

    If you want a quiet operation for your garage, these rollers are for you. Just keep in mind they are more expensive than steel rollers.

Why Choose A-Team Garage Door Repair?

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The garage door rollers serve an important function for your garage door. Your garage door has metal tracks on each side which is where you can find the rollers. Smooth garage door operation requires well-lubricated wheels to keep it moving. Regular maintenance is a good requirement for homeowners; however, problems can arise. If the rollers aren’t working, the door becomes difficult to open, and you will need a garage door roller replacement. Call A-Team Garage Door Repair for same-day service, 7 days a week!

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